Early Morning at Steveston

Chris Wright Photo Trips

It was an early start this morning at Steveston, located along the Fraser River. Arriving before sunrise at a marina near No. 2 Road, I was eager to capture some night photos of the boats and lights.

Near sunrise, I spotted the illuminated low clouds and fog over the Fraser River and quickly made my way to the London Landing Wharf to capture this scene.

My next stop was the nearby Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site. There are numerous building here that were used to support the fishing industry, from net loft buildings, housing, and boat building facilities. Here is the Murakami Family house and adjacent boatworks building.

On the other side of the Murakami Boatworks building are several windows, each containing a model boat. I composed this scene with the Seine Net Loft building reflected in the window to provide a multi vignette photo.

I had seen this net and float on a previous visit but with the soft diffused light I thought it would make an interesting composition.

I like the multi layer aspect in this photo showing the grass sedges along the river edge, the old pilings, the Seine Net Loft building built in 1954 for BC Packers, and the 1944 built Hesquiat fishing vessel.

The Britannia Shipyards building, shown in the next two photos, was built in 1889. It was originally built as a cannery but was converted to a boat building facility in 1918 and operated until 1979.

I wanted to capture some of the fine whipping and rope work in this next photo.

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