A Forest, a Mystery, and a Bluff

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Last Sunday a friend and I hiked the lower forested area of Mount Seymour near the headwaters of Mystery Creek, and then later in the day we hiked the ridge along the Suicide Bluffs trail.

We started off on the CBC Trail, so named because it leads to the CBC broadcasting site. This area crosses the headwaters of Mystery Creek and has some impressive mountain biking trail structures and a few old growth western red cedar trees.

This red cedar log has been flattened to allow the riders to cross Mystery Creek. As it was early in the day, I was able to photograph from it without being in the riders way.

Here is one of the old growth western red cedar trees dwarfing the adjacent forest.

One of the branches of Mystery Creek flowing through an understory of western hemlock trees.

Another impressive western red cedar rising majestically through the forest.

I liked this composition showing the curves in a western red cedar log and the use as a nurse log for the western hemlock seedlings.

The extensive and well built boardwalks that have been constructed are very impressive and makes for some interesting compositions.

This forked western red cedar was very impressive and even with the challenging lighting, it was one I knew had to be photographed.

After several hours of exploring and photographing along the CBC Trail and with the clouds breaking, it was time to head up to the second area to explore. We drove further up Mount Seymour to the ski area and then hiked over to the Suicide Bluffs Trail.

This trail, starting from the northeast, descends down to Hidden Lake located just a short distance off of the trail.

Over a series of rises and falls, the trail continues towards Dog Mountain crossing over three “peaks”, each with impressive views. On this day, we visited the first two only, and then returned back the same way.

Looking southwest over Vancouver.

Overlooking the Seymour Valley to the west of us. Over on the right is Coliseum Mountain (long bare ridge) and the vertical fan shaped mountain is Cathedral Mountain.

Overlooking the Seymour Valley and then Lynn Valley. Crown and Camel are visible just behind the right snag on the second ridge. The Lions are also visible just to the right and in the back.

Coliseum Mountain just above the snag (left) and the Cathedral Mountain (right, in the shadow).

Blueberry bushes turning red in the early fall.

Looking northwest over the Seymour Valley and Cathedral Mountain.

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