Welcome to CKWRIGHT Photography and thank you for your interest. As a photographer and storyteller, I enjoy capturing landscape and architectural images with a unique perspective, often having only two or three strong elements and with no clutter.  Accompanying stories further the narrative and provide insight on the photographic process.

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My primary photographic interest is in capturing intimate landscape and macro photographs, both flora and industrial.  Scenic photographs can be divided into three styles: Landscape, Intimate Landscape, and Macro.  Landscape photographs encompasses a large extent, contain numerous elements, and includes or even emphasizes the horizon.  Intimate Landscape photographs concentrates on a smaller extent, often with a few elements such as the juxtaposition of a lone tree with a boulder or fall leaves on an ice sheet, may use softer lighting, and greatly minimizes or even eliminates the horizon.  This term is credited to photographer Eliot Porter from his 1979 Intimate Landscapes titled photo book.  Macro photographs provide a close up view of an object allowing the fine details to be examined.  Some of my favourite photographs are those with the primary style being intimate landscape or macro and containing two or three strong elements while eliminating clutter.  Capturing those photographs is very much a subtractive process versus landscape photography.