Aspens and Big Sky in the Green Lake Region

Chris Wright Photo Trips, Technical

I headed out yesterday afternoon on a warm summer day looking to photograph flowers, aspens, and hopefully some interesting clouds. Now, for those that know my “obsession” with photographing aspens, I am sure they will be rolling their eyes! All I can say is that I find that there is something magical with the strong verticality of the white aspen trunks contrasted against the softer shrubs and grass. In fact, on those occasions where I feel a bit stuck artistically, I often find that photographing aspens seems to be the cure…anyway, enough on aspens and my appreciation of them!
I wanted an area that was close by so that I could work into the late afternoon and early evening for the softer lighting. I decided on Green Lake and the areas surrounding it as I have taken some excellent photographs there. I must say that after numerous outings there, I am still finding new and exciting areas to photograph. This area has several lakes and ponds including Green Lake and Watch Lake, pine and aspen forests, flowers, and rustic cattle fencing. It was certainly a warm afternoon with strong sunlight and large puffy white clouds, though the lighting became softer and warmer later in the afternoon. I worked mainly in the western end of Green Lake where there are no residences and the forests and ponds are easily accessed. I used the 60mm Micro lens for the flowers and some of the landscapes, though I used the 35mm Sigma lens for most of the shots. I am still very impressed with the image quality and colour that the Sigma 35mm lens produces, it is indeed a fine piece of optical equipment. Here are a couple of photos from this outing. I have always enjoyed that “big sky” look that is so prevalent in the Cariboo. The red flowers contrasted well against the vibrant green grass under soft and warm late afternoon sun. I find that the Nikon D810 handles reds much better than my D300, which tended to overexpose and/or “smear” those red colours.

_DSC0333 _DSC0234

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