Black Mountain and Bowen Lookout

CK Wright Photo Trips

Early Saturday morning, three of us headed off to Black Mountain in Cypress Provincial Park. With hard packed snow, it was more of a walk than a snowshoe as we worked our way towards the north summit of Black Mountain. Just before we ascended the peak, we passed the snow covered Cabin Lake. I liked this vantage point of the lake with the long shadows, the dimpled snow over the lake, and the wispy clouds.

I took a few more compositions of the lake and then headed off to catch up with the others as we made the final climb to the north summit. The views are very spectacular with The Lions off to the north and Howe Sound to the west.

On the edge of the summit, was this gnarled snag and I tried a few compositions including this one suggested by my friend. There is a certain sense of tension and movement with the snag and tree on the edge of the steep slope and the deep shadows.

One of the features of this outing that I soon noted was all of the interesting snags.

Here is another view of Cabin Lake taken on the return leg from the summit. We had an early lunch here enjoying the views and basking in the warm sun.

Our next destination was Bowen Lookout, located about 1.5 kilometres north of the summit. As you first arrive at the view point overlooking Howe Sound and Bowen Island, you’re greeted by these massive twin snags.

The northwards view is equally impressive of Howe Sound and the snow covered mountains.

I’ll leave you with one more snag photo taken at the view point. I liked the strong vertical element and those great wispy clouds.

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