Black Mountain Plateau

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You may recall the winter photos taken on Black Mountain in Cypress Provincial Park in February. I had the opportunity today to hike to Black Mountain and explore the various lakes. It was interesting to see the differences in the two visits and how much the snow covers.

Prior to starting the hike, I arrived early and spent an hour exploring and photographing around Yew Lake, just a short walk from the downhill parking lot. The early morning light was warm and the lake water still.

This first photo of the lake shows the day’s destination, on top of the rocky forested hill.

After the photo shoot and exploring around Yew Lake, I met up with Terry and his son Alex and we climbed our way up the rocky trail that wound it’s way ever higher towards the two peaks of Black Mountain.

Our first stop was Cabin Lake and it was interesting to note the areas we had explored in February when the lake was frozen solid with a metre or two of snow.

The lake lies almost equidistant between the North and South summits of Black Mountain. After a water break and a few photos we headed over to the South Summit of Black Mountain, leaving the North Summit for the afternoon.

The trail winds its way from Cabin Lake through sub-alpine forest before climbing the short distance to the peak.

We spent time enjoying the views of Howe Sound and the partial view of the Lions. The whiskey jacks were plentiful on the peak and Alexander enjoyed the opportunity to hand feed them. With the sun rising and daylight burning it was time to continue south towards the Eagleridge Bluffs. Along the way, we walked past numerous lakes surrounded by forests. I really enjoy the dark waters that reflect the early morning light and forest in these sub alpine lakes.

The trail from the South Summit to the bluffs descends at several points, mostly within the forest. At the bluffs, the trails leaves the forest and descends a short distance on a rocky nob that offers impressive views of Burrard Inlet, Horseshoe Bay, and Bowen Island.

It was a busy spot with numerous others enjoying the view and the warm sunny day. After time having a snack and taking photographs, we left the bluffs and enjoyed the cool forest as we ascended back onto the plateau. We elected to loop back to Cabin Lake and the North Summit of Black Mountain using an easterly trail that passed a few other lakes. From Cabin Lake, it was a short ascent to the North Summit and the nice views of Howe Sound and the Lions.

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