Black Mountain to Eagleridge Bluff

Chris Wright Photo Trips

On Sunday I explored the western side of Cypress Provincial Park, visiting Eagle Bluff, the two peaks of Black Mountain, and Cabin Lake.

Ascending from the parking lot, the trail ascends steeply and the first views northwest across Howe Sound are visible.

Below the north peak of Black Mountain is Cabin Lake, well snow covered and with long shadows in the early morning light.

Leaving the north peak for the afternoon, we headed south to the south peak of Black Mountain, stopping along the way to photograph the snow covered trees.

The south peak offers good views of Howe Sound and northwards of The Lions.

After the south peak, the trail descends southwest and enters forest for a kilometre before emerging out onto a rocky set of benches with views over Vancouver, West Vancouver, and the Sunshine Coast.

Passage Island, Queen Charlotte Channel, and Bowen Island are visible.

Here is a closeup of Passage Island in amongst the cloud and fog.

The views of Metro Vancouver were obscured in the fog and low clouds, though at one moment, Point Grey was visible jutting out of the fog. We had lunch here and watched the fog rolling around.

Returning to the trail and retracing our path towards Black Mountain through the forest, we took time to photograph the forest.

Emerging from the forest just below the south peak, I spotted this snow well and was taken with the strong shadow bisecting it.

One feature of winter photography I really like are the shadows cast by the low angle winter sun. I thought this lone tree out in the open with those shadows combined with the swirling clouds would make a good composition.

The snags are always a welcome sight as they make interesting compositions standing against the blue sky.

Ascending onto the north summit of Black Mountain was this interesting view of Bowen Island and Howe Sound with the rising fog and snow covered forest.

Looking northeast is Mount Strachan and the ski runs with the contorted snow covered trees.

It was really nice to have the colder temperatures to hold the snow on the trees such as this composition. I though the shadow line on the lower right snow would lead the eye inwards to the lone tree.

The curved domes of snow and shadow are another aspect of winter photography I look forward to. I positioned the camera to shows those against the rugged trees.

Returning towards the parking lot, I spotted this cypress and fir trees in the undisturbed snow. The various textures and tones was what drew my eye to this composition.

So after a very productive day of photography and feeling like I had captured some good compositions, we took a side loop trail back to the parking lot that passes by a water tank. Cool, industrial photography! Now that is icing on the proverbial cake!

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  1. As always all beautiful photos, Chris. The “snow well” shot looks almost like an optical illusion / 3D pic.
    I love the sharp angles of the trunks where they meet the snow in the shot above the “snow well” one.

    1. Post

      Hi Jill, yes it does have that optical illusion! Appreciate the review and kind words. Have a look at Terry’s photo’s, he got some good photos including a large raven.

  2. Such pristine scenery, Chris!
    I’m impressed too how the blue sky changes in tone as it approaches the top of some photos.

    1. Post

      Hi Lynn, yes those deep blue skys are always impressive in the mountains at higher elevations. The amount of darkening blue gradient towards the corner is a function of the camera angle to the sun and enhanced by the polarizing filter.

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