Expressionism and Abstraction June 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips 6 Comments

Welcome to my twelfth monthly posting of expressionism and abstract photos and a year since the journey of re-discovery started. I wanted to thank Chris Harris and Dennis Ducklow for their workshop, guidance, and continued mentorship! I also wanted to thank you the reader for being on this journey with me.

South Surrey, Seaside and Upland

Chris Wright Photo Trips 2 Comments

Recently a friend and I explored two areas in South Surrey, hoping to avoid the rain in the mountainous parts of Metro Vancouver. Starting off at Elgin Heritage Park, we walked along the shoreline of the Nicomekl River just upstream from its junction with Boundary Bay. The looming clouds to the west are clearly visible behind Wards Marina. One surprise …

Chasing the Light at UBC

Chris Wright Photo Trips 6 Comments

It was a very creative outing to UBC, producing documentary and abstract/expressionism compositions. The lighting was favourable, the shadows were strong, the subject matter seemed endless, and so did the possibilities! Here are my favourite 14 documentary compositions. The vantage point from an open staircase was ideal to capture the tones and textures in this courtyard scene at the Ponderosa …

Waterfalls and Forest, Lower Mount Seymour

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A recent outing on the lower slopes of Mount Seymour, walking the BP, Old Buck, and Three Chop trails, gave a good opportunity to photograph the forest and waterfalls. The forest welcomed us as we entered the trail and started climbing gradually through coastal forest that was dripping from the morning rain. Bracken fern, as were other ferns, were very …

Chasing the Light In New Westminster

Chris Wright Photo Trips 6 Comments

I had a fantastic time exploring the back streets and alleys in New Westminster. There is an eclectic mix of modern, old, and near derelict buildings; in certain parts of the city it feels like time has stood still. The Westminster Boiler and Tank Company buildings are clad in corrugated steel that have turned various shades of orange and red …

Expressionism and Abstraction May 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips 8 Comments

Pulling Back the Blue Curtains. Intrigue at what is behind the blue curtains. Seated Absence. Exploring themes of absence; the empty chair and the partly rendered chair. Empty Frames, Empty Performances. The empty billboard at the QE Theatre with the pandemic cancellations. Geometric Inscribed Layers. I liked the complex geometry created here and how the strong centre elements balance and …

Walking the Downtown Vancouver

Chris Wright Photo Trips

It was an interesting photographic walk in the downtown, seeing how quiet and empty it was with the pandemic shutdowns. A very empty Smithe Street with sun dappled lighting through the spring growth. The curved wood trusses glowing in the early morning light at the Telus Garden building. Looking across the šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énḵ Square at the reflection of the Hotel …