Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest

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On Saturday I headed out with the Burke Mountain Naturalists to hike the Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest trails, located just north of Squamish.  Normally on a club hike I wouldn’t bring the camera gear as hikes are not really conducive to the slow pace needed for photography.  This hike was likely to be a bit more relaxed and not a huge distance so I brought along the gear and was certainly rewarded with some good opportunities.

Brohm Lake is one of those places that you drive by on your way to some other destination, in this case that would be Whistler or Squamish, dismissing it in your rush to get to the destination.  In fact, Brohm Lake offers some really nice hiking, viewing, and photography.

As the we walked along the trail in mostly cloudy conditions, I found this forest scene with the rough textured Douglas-fir trees contrasting against the green fern understory. The curving downed tree arcing left to right offers an interesting change in symmetry to the vertical straight trees.

The skunk cabbage was certainly present in the first portions of the trail before we climbed up onto the rocky areas.

At our first snack and water break area, we stopped at a rocky outcrop and had our first view of the Tantalus Range and the Squamish Valley, though partly obscured by the clouds.  This is looking westward with the Cheakamus River visible, while the Squamish River is out of view located at the base of the mountain range.

Continuing along the trail as it scampered up and down, but mostly up, the trail and surrounding forest were dotted with exposed rock and boulders.  The moss on this boulder along with the birch trees was certainly worth the time to stop, photograph, and then jog to catch up to club members.

At our lunch spot we had a partly cloudy view west and south towards Squamish, Howe Sound and the Stawamus Chief‎.

The Douglas-fir were managing to grow from the mostly rocky surface and I found a nice composition with the lichen covered branches contrasting against the green moss.

Nearing the end of the planned hike, we elected to climb up onto the little used Powerline Trail as there were promises of spectacular views of the Tantalus Range.  The trail at times was a mere foot wide but it led ever upwards before emerging onto a rocky spine with clear views west towards the Tantalus.  Even with the clouds, I think we can all see just how beautiful those mountains are.

Climbing down from the rocky spine to end the hike, we spent some time soaking up the sun along Brohm Lake before returning the short distance to our cars.

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