Byrne Creek Ravine Park in Detail

Chris Wright Photo Trips

I find that close-up and intimate landscape photography is less about the location, and more about the compositions and lighting available. With the chance of rain and partial cloud today, I decided to stay local and work the available light in Byrne Creek Ravine Park, nestled between the urban residential and commercial areas in southeast Burnaby.

With the recent rains, the understory plants were very green and lush.

The pathway in this next composition leads your eye through the scene, towards the vertical trees.

A tasty treat in the summer are the salmon berries, both to eat and to photograph.

The lighting in this flower shot was the perfect balance of sun and cloud, to bring out the purple and green tones, without overpowering them.

I was interested in this next compositions with the two tones of green and the texture difference.

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