Canada Place to Robson Square

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Along the Vancouver waterfront, jutting into Burrard Inlet, is the popular cruise ship terminal and convention centre, Canada Place. This an attractive location to photograph with clear views of the harbour and the North Shore mountains, the cruise ships, and the building itself with the fabric roof that resembles sails. I arrived early on Sunday morning before the tourists arrived and the cruise ship passengers had disembarked.

Even in the early morning, the sun was bright and produced some strong shadows that I felt benefited from a conversion to black and white.

With the sun rising and the good light disappearing in this location, I headed uptown towards Robson Square.  Along the way I found some interesting scenes to capture including the impressive and ornate Burrard Street entrance for the 1930 Marine Building.

In this next photo, I was quite taken with the strong black lines and texture on the three surfaces of the new addition to the Christ Church Cathedral.

Robson Square is an Arthur Erickson designed facility with numerous terraces, sculptures, and views of the downtown.  All of these features certainly provides numerous photographic opportunities.

For the Spring sculpture, I elected to de-saturate all elements except the sculpture to emphasis its bold shape and colour.

I found the texture and tone in this photo looking southwest towards the Sheraton Wall Centre building looks great as a black and white.

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      Thanks Jill. I find that every so often I need a break from the nature photography and urban/architectural photography is where I go.

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