Cascade Falls and Murdo Creek

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Located in the Fraser Valley, north of Mission is the 30 metre Cascade Falls.  The area is protected in the Cascade Falls Regional Park and contains a short trail to the waterfall and a suspension bridge to a view point.  Today I headed over to the park hoping that the unsettled weekend weather would hold.  As it turned out, the weather and conditions at the falls were perfect with a mixture of clouds and sun, and lots of moisture on the vegetation.  The viewpoints on either side of the bridge affords good clear views of the falls.  I really like how the falls are nestled in the canyon surrounded by the green moss and trees.  On the return to the parking lot, I found this big leaf maple slotted into a fern frond surrounded by moss covered boulders.  Below the falls, Cascade Creek flows over bedrock and boulders with numerous pools and I captured some additional good photos and even some videos.
_dsc2975 _dsc3005

Near the falls, about 3 kilometres away, is Davis Lake Provincial Park located further up the mountain.  One of the trails to the lake is located along Murdo Creek which descends steeply to the lake and has some amazing short falls and rock walls.  I left the lake for my next visit as it was getting late in the afternoon and instead spent my time on the section of the creek near the access road.  I have always enjoyed steep, rocky creeks given the numerous photo opportunities including cascades, pools, and mossy covered rocks.  I was certainly enjoying my time here and I look forward to a return visit.  This is certainly a worthy area to visit with the Cascade Falls, Murdo Creek, Davis Lake, and the other creeks.
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