Chasing the Light at UBC

Chris Wright Photo Trips

It was a very creative outing to UBC, producing documentary and abstract/expressionism compositions. The lighting was favourable, the shadows were strong, the subject matter seemed endless, and so did the possibilities! Here are my favourite 14 documentary compositions.

The vantage point from an open staircase was ideal to capture the tones and textures in this courtyard scene at the Ponderosa Commons building.

Within that scene was this green coloured glass segment that was glowing in the direct low angle sun.

Just look at the shadow lines behind the orange glass, very nice indeed.

And here is the detailed composition I made of that corner.

This was such a strong draw to capture, with the different shaped shadows and the subtle texture differences.

Illumination from reflected surfaces is always an intriguing thing, in particular the shape of it.

Looking through a covered section to an open air courtyard and the Department of Psychology building.

This earth sculpture is set in front of the Pacific Museum of the Earth.

At the HR MacMillan Building, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, is this sculpture to celebrate the opening of the building in 1967 and to recognize the scientific and economic importance of alfalfa breeding. The shadows on the wall behind was certainly an added bonus!

It was a bit surreal to see how quiet the campus was, particularly the side streets. This photo with its long sightlines certainly illustrates this.

When I saw this scene, I knew it would make an interesting composition. The lamp post being well positioned below the roof line intersections along with the different tones and textures. This is the UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing building.

The sightlines in this scene are really interesting, leading your eye towards the green tree in front of the Demco Learning Centre.

I liked the stark look of this black and white at the Biological Sciences Building and how it makes me think of hot summer days. The darker toned objects appear to float above the bright concrete surface.

Looking out from the Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre to the courtyard.

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  1. You show an architect’s appreciation of architecture & how architecture draws attention to its relationship with light & surrounding environment.

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