Chasing the Light In New Westminster

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I had a fantastic time exploring the back streets and alleys in New Westminster. There is an eclectic mix of modern, old, and near derelict buildings; in certain parts of the city it feels like time has stood still.

The Westminster Boiler and Tank Company buildings are clad in corrugated steel that have turned various shades of orange and red from the rust. In this alley shot I used the strong shadow lines from the power lines to lead the eye through the scene.

More of that amazing texture and colour. I suppose what attracted me to this composition was the awkward angle, the range of rust colours, and making the utility pole the dominant character.

At this point of the day the lighting was very strong and the clouds massing off to the west.

This old and distorted three story building contrasted with the modern glass clad building, all framed by the strong shadow line.

While absent light or shadow, I liked the detail and rectangles on the boarded up door and window on that old building.

The back side of the Arundel Mansion Hotel, built in 1910. At first I was thinking that the utility poles conflicted with the composition but then I realized it was an interesting play on scale.

The front side of the hotel with the modern tower building and the Fraser River in the distance.

I was taken with the strong shadow line and the difference in building materials.

The street sign shadow added an interesting element to this composition of a window on the old post office building (built 1939 and 1956).

Looking down 6th Street at the Spencer Building (circa 1907) and the Fraser River behind.

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      Thanks so much Chris. Of course it was the workshop you and Dennis provided that “awakened” my awareness of contrast so thank you.

  1. Really like the colours in the utility pole pic’, Chris, and the dappled light on the texture of the surface of the front side of the Arundel Hotel

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