Chasing the November Light

CK Wright Photo Trips

Last weekend the good weather continued here in Metro Vancouver and I took full advantage of the opportunity. Rather than post photos from a single outing, I wanted to share my favourite photos taken over those two days with optimal light being the theme.

Starting off on Saturday morning with the sun rising over the Fraser River with the Port Mann Bridge. This was taken at Sapperton Landing in New Westminster.

Later on Saturday, I photographed in The Shipyards in the City of North Vancouver. I started just before sunset and captured Lonsdale Quay, Polygon Gallery, other buildings, and Grouse Mountain in the soft pink lighting.

I have been photographing sunset a bit more of late and I have found that I prefer those taken with some foreground subjects. The following two photos are examples of trying to include those. First off, looking southwest is this photo of the Lonsdale Quay sign, docks, and the downtown towers.

Second, the Polygon Gallery building had Christmas lighting and I wanted to use the strong roof element to lead the eye forward. The water feature mirrors the warm sunset colours well.

On Sunday just after sunrise I walked along the Alouette River dykes in the Jerry Sulina Park in Maple Ridge. It was a cool, crisp and clear morning with frost covering the grass. As I was walking along the dyke taking in the scenery, the rising sun started illuminating the area in a warm tone.

In this first image, the frosted grass and bare deciduous trees along the Alouette River are illuminated by that warm early morning light. The fog in the background is along the Pitt River. The mountains above the shorter set of trees are (R to L) Blanchard Needle, Edge, and Golden Ears.

The Alouette River in the early morning light with the Blanchard Needle and the Edge visible (Golden Ears are behind the cottonwood tree).

The next stop was Golden Ears Park and the trail along Gold Creek leading into a narrow valley. While direct lighting was almost non-existent, there were a few instances of  interesting lighting.

First was this photograph of the low angle winter sun streaming through the forest. I would say that I don’t normally photograph this type of photo were I know the results will produce over exposure and lens flare. So I was pleased that I took the photo as the result was very good.

At Hikers Beach, I captured the mist rising from Gold Creek with the coniferous forest in varying stages of illumination.

With the sun descending in the mid-afternoon, I captured this strongly side lighted forest along the river. I like the coastal forest look and feel with the moss and ferns.

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