City in the Park in the Snow

Chris Wright Photo Trips

The City in the Park neighbourhood, located to the west of the Edmonds Skytrain Station in Burnaby, was transformed into a winter wonderland from the heavy Friday snowfall.

Just prior to sunrise on Saturday I headed out to capture images of all that fresh snow, starting with this high view of the neighbourhood. The photo is full of details such as the three covered cars, the clock showing the time of capture, the BC Hydro tower, and the mist rising from the Fraser River.

A study in detail of the street, tire tracks, the bare trees, and the lighted poles.

One of the interesting features in this neighbourhood is the 1.5 acre two level formal garden set amongst the condo towers. I wandered around the gardens and captured a few scenes of the snow and ice covered grounds.

The windows on the condo tower are showing the first traces of the sunrise.

As the sun rose over City in the Park, I captured this southwest view of the neighbourhood including the gardens featured above.

I then walked over to the nearby Taylor Park looking to capture photos of the snow covered trees. Along the way, I passed this airplane playground feature and thought it would make an interesting composition.

The fog rolled in for a brief period so I set to work finding interesting compositions in the soft lighting.

The sun soon returned and into the adjacent forest I went. I was taken with these alder trees which had a thick coating of snow on the windward side and on the branch tips.

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  2. I love all the different takes with snow on trees, Chris. I know they weren’t always your main objective but you really covered the spectrum.

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