Closeups in the Hood

CK Wright Photo Trips

I had a productive Sunday morning wandering around the neighbourhood capturing closeups of the flowers and other interesting items.

I started off in the City in the Park gardens and captured the roses with moisture still on them from the overnight watering.

The gardens are paved in square and rectangular blocks and with my wide angle lens, it forms an interesting pattern.

Next up was the abandoned railway line as I was looking for foxgloves which prefer disturbed areas.

The daisies were also in bloom and set against the grass it made for an interesting composition.

I wanted to try a different composition and spotted this flower with a dandelion stem intersecting it.

The edge of the railway line was carpeted in buttercups and I composed this one with the blurred grass creating geometric patterns in the background.

I like this composition because the buttercup appears to be standing still while the grass appears to be in movement.

The seedpods from the cottonwood trees made an interesting composition on the gravel ballast.

I wandered over to the Byrne Creek Ravine Park and spotted this interesting flower, though I have not been able to identify it.

Along the pathway was Herb-Robert, an introduced Eurasian weed.

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