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I wanted to share some additional photos from a recent trip to the Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. A few photos from that visit were included in the September Expressionism and Abstract article, but there were many more interesting compositions!

You may recall the dreamscape image I posted of the Bloedell Conservatory roof. This first photo is a representational composition and then the following three are expressionism and abstract compositions. There were so much photographic possibility with that roof that I could probably make an entire article on that one subject!

In this photo, I liked the three elements of the large leaf, the slender grass, and the small green algae dots.

The next two compositions are of the same subject and similiar framing, but distinctly different from the representational and expressionism and abstract methods used.

This next composition is similar to one I used in my September Expressionism and Abstraction article, but this one is a bit more “calming”.

I liked the angular and well defined edges on this plant.

Even I was a bit surprised at the results of the image when I looked at the back of the camera!

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      Thanks Dennis, I appreciate the review and comments. I am certainly enjoying finding interesting compositions!

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