Deer Lake Park

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Nestled in a natural bowl in central Burnaby and virtually hidden by the surrounding neighborhoods is Deer Lake Park.  The park has numerous trails, boardwalks, forested and grasslands, and of course the lake itself.  I headed into the park at dinner time on Friday after the rain storm had cleared off and was amazed to see this beautiful rainbow over Deer Lake.

Walking towards and closer to the lake revealed a second rainbow!

The lighting was just perfect at the lake edge with warm tones and lovely cloud formations.

I was so impressed with the area that I decided to return Saturday late afternoon to continue photographing the area.  It was a warm afternoon with clouds and sun that beautifully illuminated the vibrant green grass.

Nestled in the grass were these purple and white flowers.

Nearing dinner, the clouds fully moved into the area providing soft even illumination on the new spring growth.


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