Detail on Burnaby Mountain

Chris Wright Photo Trips

This weekend I visited the Burnaby Mountain Conservation area and the Simon Fraser University campus with the aim to capture the small to medium scale details.

With overcast conditions at the time I arrived, I headed over to the flower beds and captured the black-eyed Susans in a few compositions.

La Perla rose.

Pretty Lady rose.

Detail on the Grimm Brothers rose.

One of the interesting items that I have not noticed before is Ken Rainford’s 1973 Sports Mural. This mosaic tile artwork is near the Horizon’s restaurant and the walking trails.

There is a rope jungle gym set that rises 25 feet plus, perfect for kids to climb and perfect for photographers to make interesting compositions!

It is a short walk over to the SFU campus and along the way I noticed that the water tank has been covered in this bright mural (Mihai and Ela, MDMurals).

I can never get enough of the SFU campus, it is a pure joy to photograph! So much symmetry and strong lines combined with an almost endless number of building and walkways.

There is a new building, the student union, that is under construction and though not finished, I was pleased with the upcoming possibilities. Here are two compositions that show the possibilities.

Here is a detail on Gordan A. Smith‘s 1965 mosaic mural. Mr. Smith recently celebrated his 100th birthday! There is an interesting video of Mr. Smith, showing how artists just keep going. It is a life long passion and endeavor.

This image is a good example of the benefit of revisiting areas as it was a composition I had not noticed before.

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  1. I should look at this more often and not feel so busy. Very interesting architecture captured beautifully and the mosaics are lovely. Loved the water lilly especially.

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      Thanks Julia, appreciate the review and comments. Yes, the SFU Burnaby campus is an intersting walk if you’re visiting Metro Vancouver. You can always sign up for a notification email if you wish to (Subscribe on the Contact page).

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