Evening at the 108 Mile Heritage Site

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Yesterday evening I headed over to the 108 Mile Heritage site to try to capture some of the storm clouds that were rolling through the area. The Cariboo will often have these fast moving storms that move through in the late afternoon and evening in the late spring and summer. The cloud formations can be quite spectacular and can even produce some interesting lighting if it is close to sunset. I first headed up to Lac La Hache Provincial park but the storm was still active in that area with lots of rain so I went south to the 108 Mile Heritage site. This area was on the edge of the active storm and was not raining. This site has several historic buildings from the around the Cariboo and has nice views overlooking 108 Mile Lake. The storm clouds were not as spectacular here but I still managed to capture a few decent photos. It is still early in the year for storm clouds so I should have additional opportunity. Here are a few photos from last night’s outing, including this interesting shot of a sod roofed storage building with yellow flowers. The other photo is of 108 Mile Lake with the lush grass and other plants.

_DSC0054 _DSC0069

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