Expressionism and Abstraction April 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips 4 Comments

Welcome to this month’s showcase of expressionism and abstract photos.

Heading Outside Through the Rectangles. Perhaps a reflection of my feeling of late, on the desire to be outside in the nice spring weather.

Crown 725. This multi-faceted composition is very rich in detail and tone.

Dappled Expressive Forest. I was pleased with this photograph as it fully realized what I had envisioned; strong dark toned linear trunks with textured vibrant green foliage.

The Light Behind the Yellow Dreamscape Door. I wanted to express the defined and undefined form of the door and to frame the lights behind it.

Circular Puzzle Pieces. A wonderful geometric composition born of play time in an industrial park! They are wonderful places to be creative given how devoid of others they are on weekends.

Multi Layered and Watching. I was pleased with this piece as it is ordered without perhaps being fully ordered and thus less rigid as some of my other works are.

Rolling Through the Hedge. A bit of play and a bit of mystery.

Shake, Rattle, Roll. A very expressive interpretation of a pipe.

The Shadow X. A composition created with the aid of strong light and a resultant shadow.

Shattering the Sky. I always find it intriguing how the transformation of an object can create new objects such as the rectangles and triangles in this composition.

Interlaced Wall and Window. When I am making these compositions, the visual exploration of the subject is very much a driver. The resultant interlaced window was very interesting and pleasing in this photograph.

Geometric Collage. I feel this is a good example of being a bit more free form versus some of my more symmetrical compositions.

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  1. More of wonderful, Chris. Thank you.
    The ‘Dappled Forest’ suggest stained glass.
    ‘Rolling Through the Hedge’ might also be ‘An Eye on Green’

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