Expressionism and Abstraction December 2019

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Welcome to this month’s showcase of expressionism and abstract photos.

First off, and as we close out this year, I wanted to thank you for your continued interest and comments on my photographic postings, it is much appreciated! It has been a remarkable year of photographic opportunities and personal artistic growth.

Blended Tea Cups. At the Rivers Market in New Westminster is a large mural of tea cups behind the counter of the Great Wall Tea Company. I asked the store clerk if I could make an abstract of their wall and they gracefully allowed me to work with it. I am very pleased with the result of this multiple exposure, with re-composition between each. The Dark blend mode (see the end of the article for notes on this) really emphasizes the rich colours.

Surfing Flora and Fauna. Outside of the Rivers Market in New Westminster is a mural of oval leaves, crows, and humans. With a multiple exposure of two, I created an interesting study of shape and tone.

Curved Complementary Intersection. When I see coloured edges that I can intersect or blend, I try to create compositions that can work well together. The red and green are nearly complementary on the colour wheel, and I liked the way the three bands are curved and meet at a defined point.

Wandering Wall. Within the šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énḵ Square is a covered section featuring a sinuous shaped edge that I used to lead the eye to the Hotel Georgia. Multiple exposures emphasizes the square windows and vertical battens.

Glasses Eyeing the Clouds. At the Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal is a twin circular art piece. I liked the effect of the replicated ovals and protruding bars created through the use of three multiple exposures and zooming in on each exposure.

Reflective Floating Grid. The Granville Square tower has deep set windows that along with the reflective glass, created several interesting compositions. In this one, I used a multiple exposure of three with one level and the other two at opposite 45 degree angles.

Cubic Distortion of Reality. Here is another composition of the Granville Square tower, this time with a multiple exposure of 2, book matched for each. It is interesting to see the interior “cube” that has formed from the intersection of the two exposures.

Rectangular Chandelier on Blue. An office tower with a ceiling of warm toned light strips combined with a blue coloured glass facade makes for a compelling composition. I do like the cubes and rectangles created through the use of multiple exposures! There is a real sense of depth and intrigue in this composition.

Oval Illuminated Portal. I liked the view down this curved stairwell with the blue side lights and strong linear white lighting. I used a multiple exposure of three and changed the focal length for each.

Rectangular Vancouver City and Mountain View. This composition reminds me of an abstracted Vancouver view with the building lined streets leading to the North Shore mountains.

Treed Portal. I noticed this round window in a metal clad building reflecting tress. Replicating the window three times produces a portal of trees lining the circle.

Triangular Parade. I liked the triangular shapes and the sense of depth, along with the strong linear lines in the background. This is a multiple exposure of the Robson Court skating rink roof.

I acquired a new camera earlier this month which I used to create these twelve images. A new camera does take a bit to get comfortable with, so I was pleased with the results using an unfamiliar camera!

Here are some details on the new camera in respective of creating expressionism and abstract photos. You will probably notice with these photos something different in their appearance. That is because the new camera offers a dark blend mode and a light blend mode for multiple exposures. Those favour dark elements and light elements which opens up more creativity in what is expressed and diminished or even removed. Hand holding the camera is also an area of improvement through in body image stabilization, better noise control at higher ISO, and a lighter and more compact body.

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  1. It’s so interesting to see the results of intersections patterns, shapes & colours, Chris. The Cubic Distortion photo makes a new reality but so do all the others. Congrats on the new camera. Where will it take you (& you it)?

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