Expressionism and Abstraction February 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Welcome to this month’s showcase of expressionism and abstract photos.

Divergent Coloured Paths. The juxtaposition of white and red lighted lines crossing each other with a black background was a strong thought as I created this.

Inverted Canal. It was the the reflective water and the linear arrangement of the canal and the willow trees that attracted me to make this composition. I like the divisions of reflective water and green grass along with the sinuous willow trees, all in a balanced form.

Free Form Lynn. This image comes from a session along Lynn Creek. After capturing and enjoying several representational photos, I had this sudden desire to go free-form and express the time and place.

Board Game. Shall I share the rules of this game?

Reflective Circles. One of the reasons why I like abstract photography is that it provides a powerful and creative medium to explore shape, tone, and patterns.

Geometric Routing. I am reminded of the various decisions in life and in making art, and the interconnections in those decisions.

Futurescape I. This image reminds me of a futurescape scene from a sci-fi movie.

Tree of Light and Life. I was interested in the fusion of natural and artificial elements in this composition.

Curved Linear View. I do enjoy the interplay of curved and linear elements particularly with strong colours.

Woven Colours of Joy. I believe the title speaks for itself on my feelings on this composition.

Eye to the Tree. An interesting study of linear, curved, and sinuous elements with the fusing together of natural and artificial elements.

Geodesic Pod. I have looked at the Science World building many times with wonder and the artistic possibilities. So why not create a pod?

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  1. The expressionist results of your investigative visual exploration is absolutely eye-catching and thought-in provoking; and that is what art is supposed to do. I feel this is your most compelling blog-post selection ever!

    I notice your frequent use of the word ‘balance’ in your commentary. These images speak of two types of balance; symmetrical balance and occult balance. ‘Geometric routing’ and ‘curved linear view’ are perfect examples of symmetrical balance which is strongly supported in Western culture. ‘Free form Lynn’ is your best example of asymmetrical or occult balance which is strongly adhered to in Japanese and Chinese culture. Think of the design of Japanese gardens vs those formal British gardens we often see in pictures. I just recently became aware of occult balance while speaking to a well known art critic. I am presently studying it and I hope to include it in some of my upcoming compositions. I thought you might also be interested in looking it up.

    I’m really enjoying your art Chris….fabulous!

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      Thanks Chris, I always appreciate your well articulated comments. It gives much to consider and think about. Thank you so much!

  2. Chris, What an enjoyable collection of images. I can keep coming back to these and seeing more and more. Love your image from the Surrey City Hall. Keep going! You inspire me!

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  3. Amazing, Chris!
    Your fusion of natural & artificial leads me to wonder what other expressionism is possible. Symmetry & balance are one way to explore/express the fusion, but are there more?

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      Thanks Lynn, glad you liked those fusion photos. As to your question, something for me to think on!

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