Expressionism and Abstraction July 2019

CK Wright Photo Trips

In a change from my usual articles which are strictly location based, this will be the first of what I expect to be a regular monthly feature highlighting expressionism and abstract photography and my development in that. The recent workshop in which I learned the skills for expressionism was truly eye opening and I want to ensure that I continue developing that aspect of my photography. My hope is that by picking the top twelve expressionism and abstract photo of each month, and with your feedback, I’ll be able to achieve more success in that area. Remember that all of these are created in camera with only minor tonal adjustments in post production.

Immediately after the workshop, I spent several days in the 100 Mile House area. While the expressionism lessons were fresh in my mind, I wanted to solidify my understanding further and I figured that the nearby 108 Mile Heritage Site would have plenty of material.

Sheet metal roof with five multiple exposures, each carefully spaced, then the image was rotated 90 degrees and converted to black and white.

Log wall and red window frame with multiple exposure ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) panning.

Stained windows with multiple exposure ICM. I liked the angle of the rectangles and the distinct colours.

Stained glass window with multiple exposure rapid ICM panning. The strong single toned green with the curved edge is set against the multi-toned smear.

Flowers with multiple exposure and twisting ICM. I liked the idea of three colours and that only the pink flower really has movement and pattern.

At the Vancouver Airport South Terminal, I passed by this plastic whirligig and thought that the blue and yellows against the white would make an interesting pattern. I set the camera on the tripod and took multiple exposures while moving the vanes.

Behind one of the aerospace repair buildings was a tiled wall and with carefully use of multiple exposure (3 or 4 I believe) with each shot having a consistent angle change, this simple but striking geometric pattern emerged.

On Keats Island, I found this pattern in a shed and worked the image with multiple exposure and ICM. I am not sure that I achieved what I set out to, but I wanted to share it and see your thoughts on it.

Shingled wall on a shed and with the use of multiple exposures (3 or 4) and ensuring each shot was at a consistent angle, this interesting composition emerged.

Shed, dock, forest, and beach at Keats Island. This is photograph using multiple exposures and rapid ICM.

Dock at Keats Island. I used a multiple exposure with each of the three shots composed at consistent angles. I wanted to create the diamond with leading dark lines and I feel I achieved that in this composition.

While waiting at Langdale for the ferry to the mainland, I noticed that there is a long covered walkway for the passengers. I placed the camera on the tripod and using the horizontal centre column, I rotated the camera through multiple exposures.

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  1. Really great to see you commit to sharing these ideas monthly, Chris. Beautiful images here. Keep going! You inspire!

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  2. I love your verbal and visual expressions Chris. It shows that you are enjoying your photographic adventures and the creative process. Keep enjoying the adventuresome journey you are on!

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      Thanks very much Chris, I really appreciate the encouragement and your inspiration/mentorship! You and Dennis have really inspired me to see photography in a new, creative, and expressive way.

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