Expressionism and Abstraction July 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips 6 Comments

Welcome to this month’s showcase of expressionism and abstract photos. My goal this month was to produce compositions with more expression and freedom than my previous static geometric works. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this month’s set.

Abstracted Fraser River Pilings
Blue and Brown Cattails
Emerging Shadows
Captive Shadows
Receding Hydrangea
Steel Wicker Squares
Woven Light and Shadow
Folding Four Squares
Sun Dappled Garden Pathway
Emerging and Taking Flight from the Hedge
Coalescing Yarns I
Textured Edges

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  1. Each one is so unique and enjoyable to study. I especially like Coalescing Yarns. Thanks for taking us along on your creative journey.

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  2. So interesting. Love the subtle colours of the blue and brown cattails… It would make a lovely print for fabric.
    I like that you are having so much fun with these.

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