Expressionism and Abstraction June 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips 6 Comments

Welcome to my twelfth monthly posting of expressionism and abstract photos and a year since the journey of re-discovery started. I wanted to thank Chris Harris and Dennis Ducklow for their workshop, guidance, and continued mentorship! I also wanted to thank you the reader for being on this journey with me.

Divisions in Time and Space
Rooted Motion
Squared Connection
Graphite and Green Posts
Countryside Drive
Steel Bowtie
Evening Dance in the Garden
Gift Wrapped
Dancing Posts on the Dock
Lighted Blue Oscillation
Framed Tree and Lace

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Comments 6

  1. Congratulations Chris! I know I can speak for Dennis when I say we are both very proud of your accomplishments along the lines of Expressionist and Abstract image-making. You have captured the spirit of making art with your camera. Fabulous. I look forward to seeing the next 12 episodes.

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  2. Oooh I have some favourites here… I like “Divisions in time and space”, “Dancing posts on the dock” and love the last one, “Framed tree and lace”

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  3. Agree with Chris’ comment above! Great work in the past twelve months and especially this is a great group of images. The show stopper for me is Squared Connection … love it!

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      Thanks very much Dennis, appreciate the comments! Nice to hear your favourite, that was created at the Vancouver UBC campus

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