Expressionism and Abstraction May 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Welcome to this month’s showcase of expressionism and abstract photos.

Pulling Back the Blue Curtains. Intrigue at what is behind the blue curtains.

Seated Absence. Exploring themes of absence; the empty chair and the partly rendered chair.

Empty Frames, Empty Performances. The empty billboard at the QE Theatre with the pandemic cancellations.

Geometric Inscribed Layers. I liked the complex geometry created here and how the strong centre elements balance and anchor the composition.

Concrete Flower. I was pleased with the results of working and refining this scene until I had obtained a unique composition.

Dandelions, Shadows, and Aspen Trees at Walker Valley. Thanks Chris H. for your mentorship and for showing me the Walker Valley! It was an inspirational outing that pushed my creativity.

Aspen Trees at Walker Valley. The illuminated aspen trees really pop against the dark Douglas-fir trees.

Planetary Diffusion. An abstract interpretation of Claudia Cuesta and Bill Baker’s Nebula Garden.

Dimensions in Rust. Transformation of a rusted flat surface to reveal the interleaving and depth within.

Embracing Aspen Forest at Green Lake. It is a wonderful sense of place and time standing alone in a forest creating art.

Multi-Arm Aspen of Compassion. This reminded me of the thousand-armed Avalokiteśvara.


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  1. Thanks, Chris.
    My faves are:
    – “Empty Frames”
    – “Concrete Flower”
    – “Dandelions, Shadows”
    – “Aspen Trees”

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  2. both photos from the Walker Valley are great, hard to tell if its a painting or a photograph, the aspen trees and flowers really make an incredible contrast.

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      Thanks Terry, nice to hear your interest in those two. It was a joy to create them.

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