Expressionism and Abstraction November 2019

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Welcome to this month’s showcase of expressionism and abstract photos.

Water Glass. An interesting composition created with multiple exposures and utilizing the way the overhead light reflects off the edge of the glass and the water.

Interconnecting Roof Edges. The edge of a roof at UBC is replicated twice to form this study of shape and tone.

Multi Dimensions in Concrete. At the UBC campus is a concrete platform set into a water feature. I worked with the various angles of the concrete through multiple exposures to create this interesting study of dimensions.

Abacus Wall. The open wall of a bike storage locker at UBC is transformed through the use of multiple exposures with a sideways and slight downwards motion between each exposure.

Doorway Rectangle and Diamond. I liked the way the diamond shaped light over this doorway is replicated and bisected by the transom windows and the yellow light strip.

Rectangular Four Over Four. The wall of the abbey is replicated twice with the second exposure carefully aligned to intersect the first.

Glowing Vine Maple. I walked past this vine maple tree a few times on my visit to the UBC campus, but only when leaving did I decide that I should try something interesting. I used multiple exposures with the first exposure in focus and the next two with decreasing focus. I really like the soft dreamy look and how the strong yellow leaves pull your eye inwards.

Starry Eye. I used multiple exposures while rotating the camera on a fixed point. There were star shaped cutouts through the metal roof along with oval rectangular cutouts. All of those elements combined to create this striking composition.

Stars Rising. Created in a similar method to Starry Eye, but with only partial rotation of the camera.

Wooden Sunflower. A folk art object is set in motion with this three multiple exposure composition. The strong lines on the repeated siding provides additional interest to the image.

Abstracted Winter Alder. I like the strong sense of tone and shape in this abstract of an alder tree set against an overcast sky.

Interconnected Rings. The Olympic Rings on the Richmond Olympic Oval building are replicated twice with careful alignment.

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