Expressionism and Abstraction September 2019

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Welcome to this month’s showcase of expressionism and abstract photos.

As I started off this month looking for expressionism and abstract compositions, I will share that I had a nagging concern on how many more unique compositions I could find. This style of photograph is so new to me that I do sometimes wonder “how many more unique swirls and panning shots are there?”. I guess that is an unanswerable question but it was certainly a motivator this month to seek unique compositions.

Patterns, Shoreline Profile in Mist. The shoreline along Snag Lake in the Cariboo is repeated multiple times with careful use of multiple exposure and moving the camera vertically a set distance for each exposure. I feel it creates a powerful image of shape and tone, aided by the clear delineation of the trees.

Crossed Sky. Using a multiple exposure of two, I inverted the roof peak at The Shipyards to create this interesting composition.

Bubble Dreamscape. The domed roof of the Bloedel Conservatory at the Queen Elizabeth is turned into an interesting dreamscape with an inverted second frame in a two multiple exposure composition. The sun was low in the horizon and partially shining through the acrylic bubble roof panels and I liked the dreamy effect it created.

Linear Convergence and Divergence. At the City in the Garden, the concrete wall’s decorative grooves are turned into this study of lines and form. The wall is partly visible in the photograph following this one.

Interconnected Figure in the Garden. I used a multiple exposure of three and carefully recomposed the camera equal amounts. I wanted the water jug to line up to one of the grooves and it took a few attempts to achieve that. The green hedge at the bottom adds a contrasting texture and colour to the scene and provides a visual anchor.

Woven Black-eyed Susan. I like the woven effect that is achieved with the multiple exposures on this group of black-eyed Susan flowers. The long petals lends itself to this layering and woven look.

Windows on Windows. At the Gulf of Georgia, I used several multiple exposures of the window to create this composition. I liked the glossy reflective surface of the glass with the blacked edge and thin mullions.

Maple Leaf in Motion. I liked the idea of the repeating flag against the blue sky. Outside of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery museum, I saw the flag moving around in the wind and I pondered what I could do with it. I decided that a set of three with each repeat of the flag having enough separation between them would be an interesting composition. I used three multiple exposures and waited until the flag was at the desired position.

Edges in the Garden. Various toned and shaped plants make an interesting composition with careful movement between each frame in this five multiple exposure. Photographed at the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Scrambled Emergence, Interpretation of Bill Reid’s “The Raven and the First Men”. This has to be one of my favourite sculptures and I was intrigued with how I could interpret the figures emerging from the clam shell. The figures have been carved in a variety of positions and I wanted to show that. I used a simple two multiple exposure, one right side up and the other upside. I used the focus point in the viewfinder set on a particular spot on the face to ensure both exposures would be lined up. I then rotated the image ninety degrees to strengthen the image. The tone and texture with the side lighting really adds to the sense of drama and intrigue. The sculpture tells the tale of the first Haida and the construction is documented on this MOA pamphlet.

Translucent Blue Gradation . This is a good example of a subject matter that I knew would have good potential. Being new to the E & A style, it has taken time for compositions to be immediately apparent versus trying them. The various shades of blue, the translucent blue block, and the straight versus curved were all elements that I liked. In case you’re wondering, this is a fabric sun awning set against an overcast sky. I used a multiple exposure of 7 and recomposed the camera for each of those shots.

Square Squared. I liked the idea of the two squares and then the numerous squares and triangles in the mesh. I cropped the image to a square format to further emphasize the square theme. This was a two multiple exposure with the second frame set at 45 degrees to the first frame.

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  1. I love your approach! Your willingness to explore new ways of expression. The shoreline profile in mist is a great example.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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      Thanks Chris, appreciate the kind comments. Experimentation and explore alternate ideas is certainly a key element.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed these, Chris. Bill Reid should be pleased with your expression of his sculpture.

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