Farwell Canyon

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While it’s hard to believe, this article marks my one hundredth since re-starting the blog in August of 2015! I have enjoyed sharing the photos and stories from my photographic outings and reading your comments. Thanks for your interest and providing the comments!

Farwell Canyon is a spectacular limestone and sandstone canyon along the Chilcotin River, southwest of Williams Lake.

The photo above was taken from the single lane bridge that spans a narrow section of the canyon.

From a vantage point overlooking the river, the hoodoos rise above the eroded terrain.

Descending into the canyon itself, an interesting stop is the Pothole Ranch, established by the canyon namesake, Gordon “Mike” Farwell. There are several buildings here including this well crafted log home.

Besides the hoodoos and the ranch buildings, the other noteworthy feature here is the sand dune located at the top of the canyon on the opposite side. It is something else to see a large sand dune located over 100 metres above the river.

The vantage point from the sand dune offers great views of the curving road leading from the plateau down into the canyon.

Walking along the sand dune, it is interesting to see how the sand shifts in and around the trees and plants.

Looking towards the adjacent hillside, I spotted this interesting composition with each draw repeating the rough and smooth pattern across the hillside.

On top of the plateau, was an extensive patch of arrowleaf balsamroot flowers.

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  1. Sand, wow! This makes my experience of sand beside the ocean feel quite puny and insignificant. You really have captured the sense of sand here. Love the flowers blooming their hearts out up on top of nowhere too!

  2. Neat textures & patterns, Chris. Will you be going back to do more photography?

    1. Post

      Thanks Lynn, yes I plan on returning at some time point this year. I’d like to photograph the sand dunes further.

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