Fidalgo Island

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I tagged along with a friend and his family on Saturday as they visited Fidalgo Island in the Skagit County, Washington State. This rugged island, linked by bridges, has numerous beaches, headlands, and a few peaks offering spectacular views towards the San Juan Islands. This was my first visit to the area so I was looking forward to seeing the area and the opportunities.

Our first destination was the highest point on the island, Mount Erie at 1273 ft / 388 m, and is accessible by a narrow paved road. The lookout offers spectacular views southeastwards over Lake Erie, though the further reaches of the view were obscured by marine haze.

Our next stop was nearby Sugarloaf (1027 ft / 313 m), located a kilometre north, with westward views of the San Juan Islands. In this photo, Allan Island (left) and Burrows Island (right) are visible in Burrows Bay, with Decatur and Lopez Islands in the hazy background.

There were some wildflowers growing on the rocky top, taking full advantage of the sun.

We had lunch at Rosario Beach and then spent several hours exploring the beach, rocky headland, and the adjacent Sharpe Cove.

Urchin Rocks lying adjacent to the beach, with Lopez Island in the background.

Wind shaped coastal forest overlooking Rosario Head.

Sharpe Cove is on the southeast side of a thin spit of land that connects to Rosario Head.

This public dock in Sharpe Cove made an interesting composition with Reservation Head located across the cove.

Our last stop of the day was on the adjacent Whidbey Island so that we could view the impressive Deception Pass Bridge. The bridge is actually two bridges, one over Canoe Pass connecting Fidalgo Island to Pass Island and then another span over Deception Pass connecting Pass Island to Whidbey Island. The bridges were built in 1934-1935. Little Beach in Deception Pass State Park offers clear views of the bridges. Canoe Pass is the left span and Deception Pass is the right span with Pass Island in the middle.

This close-up view of the north arch on the Deception Pass bridge shows the intricate construction and the strong currents in the pass.

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