Form and Reflection In Downtown Vancouver

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I had a very enjoyable walk through the downtown Vancouver recently, photographing the various sights there. While I enjoy photographing natural settings, my other interest is architectural photography.

I like the strong compositional line and the reflection from the glass wall in this composition of the Parq Vancouver. Even the traffic arrows add to the flow, as does the Zhang Huan Slow sculpture of the bears heading towards the building.

Here is the mother bear in Zhang Huan’s Slow sculpture.

The Robson Square offers views of the Hotel Vancouver and the old courthouse containing the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The Arthur Erikson designed court house made for an interesting study in form with the heavy rectangular concrete columns supporting the rounded slender steel roof posts.

The North Plaza at the Vancouver Art Gallery recently had an update and I was very impressed with the paving tiles consisting of various shapes and tones.

How many different colours and shapes can you note in this plaza shot?

When I spotted the Hotel Vancouver reflecting in the TD Tower, I decided to try a composition where the decorative posts on the plaza shelter roof (see the last photo) would be placed in front of the reflection. The end result is pleasing with various straight and curved elements.

Tucked behind Cathedral Place and elevated above Hornby Street is this small park. I liked the soft and vibrant tone grass contrasting to the hard straight edged building material.

Rising from the Christ Church Cathedral is the 100 foot bell tower, containing stained glass panels designed by Sarah Hall. I will have to visit at night time and capture those illuminated.

I am often times drawn to compositions that mix the natural with buildings such as this composition of the Scotiabank Tower. I like contrasting the colour and tonality difference between the darker blue glass and the green leaves, plus the straight window lines and the curved branches.

This is an interesting study in lines, rectangles and squares, and reflections.

The MNP Tower has this interesting curved wall section and with a cloudless sky, the black and white composition is striking.

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  1. Who needs Flickr when Chris W. provides a weekly stunning photo fix!
    Ever thought about cropping sections of scenes to see how the section might look? For example, the top bit of Hotel Vancouver on the TD Tower rectangles or the Scotiabank tower with no sky?

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      Thanks Lynn, appreciate the kind words. I do some cropping but I hadn’t considered those ones. Something to look into.

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