Friday Night at New Westminster

CK Wright Photo Trips

With rain on the way for the later evening and weekend, I wanted to get out for some photos. Being close by and an area I have not explored much, New Westminster seemed a good choice. There is an interesting vibe in New West, with it’s mixture of old and new and upscale and downtrodden.

As I headed towards the Quay along the Fraser River, I noticed the Wait for me, Daddy sculpture illuminated. This sculpture honours the Claude P. Dettloff photo that captured the second world war bound troops leaving New Westminster in October 1940 and a young boy running to catch up with his father. Have a read on the story included in the links, it is an interesting story.

Climbing the stairs over the train tracks, I noticed the various strong linear elements from the vertical and horizontal straight lines, the zig-zag staircase handle, and the curved meshed covering. Converting the photo to black and white emphasizes those elements and removes the distracting colour from the lights and other items.

At the Fraser River, I captured these tug boats and the river bathed in filtered moonlight.

Speaking of the moon, I thought this composition of the moon, clouds and angular roof would make an interesting photo.

Back on the other side of the train tracks, I headed over to Front Street and the $200,000 staircase. In case you missed it, here is the article on the so called staircase to nowhere. Since then, the staircase has been connected to the adjoining building and been decorated with vine like lights.

The other advantage of that staircase is the view and the photographic possibilities from it. So thanks to the city and the tax payers for this staircase!

Here are some of the interesting and diverse stores located in lower New Westminster.

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