Frosty Keeping Warm

CK Wright Photo Trips

Today I went out to the Elbow River and Elbow Falls. As an indication to how busy I have been and thus out of practice, I arrived without my normal winter gear, snow pants. This was the first “seriously” cold outing with the new camera, but as expected there were no problems with it…my legs were another story though. I started out in the Elbow River canyon section adjacent to where Canyon Creek joins the Elbow River. I like that section of the Elbow, it has a nice S shaped curve, rock walls, and boulders. Unlike in the summer, I did not wade across and head downriver…way too cold today to pull that stunt! There were some nice snow and ice scenes even in the reachable upper section.

Next, I moved to the waterfalls and happened upon Frosty keeping warm with his bottle of wine (and yes, that is an oxymoron). The waterfalls were nicely iced though not completely covered. After the 2013 flood, the waterfalls are much shorter given the tremendous amount of infilling that occurred at the base.


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