Gold Creek, Golden Ears Provincial Park

Chris Wright Photo Trips

There is one creek that I have always thought of as a bit of a chameleon, and that is Gold Creek in Golden Ears Provincial Park. In the lower section just before its terminus at Alouette Lake the creek flows slowly through a small section of deep pools with the most vivid green imaginable and is surrounded by exposed bedrock. Upstream, the creek flows rapidly over boulders and has a very dark tone. The access trails are the Lower Falls trail for the fast flowing section and North Beach trail for the green pool section. These trails, in particular the Lower Falls trail, meanders through a beautiful rain forest containing lush ferns, hemlock, Douglas-fir, and red cedar. Alouette Lake itself is very impressive with the towering forested mountains rising rapidly from its shore. It has been some time since I was last there so I wanted to check out the photo opportunities. The weather started off perfect with cloud cover but soon became sunny. The light toned boulders upstream of the green pools makes for challenging photographic conditions. No complaints mind you, it was a beautiful day and I managed to capture some very good water and forest shots and videos. Along the Lower Falls trail, the rain forest has numerous massive boulders covered by moss that adds to a sense of wonder at the forces at work. The lower falls were far too bright to photograph but I enjoyed watching the backlit mist as it wavered and danced in the breeze. This is definitely an area that I will want to visit again, ideally on a light overcast day. Driving along the access road through the park there are also some amazing forest scenes that with soft lighting would be very photogenic.


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