Goldstream Park – VI April 2018

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Last weekend I took an extended weekend trip to southern Vancouver Island. I was really looking forward to visiting this beautiful area of Vancouver Island. There is such a diverse set of photographic opportunities there from rainforests, rocky coasts, and majestic rivers.

I’ll post another article on the Juan de Fuca marine area, but for this article I wanted to write on the beautiful Goldstream Park, located a short drive north of Victoria. I made two visits to this park taking advantage of overcast conditions to capture the rivers, waterfalls, and moss covered rainforests.

When I arrived mid-afternoon, I headed over to the north end of the park and walked the short trail to the Niagara Falls. Getting to the falls is an interesting adventure as it is on the opposite side of the busy Malahat (Highway 1) when you arrive from Victoria. The choices are a dodgy dash across the Malahat or walking under the highway through a large culvert beside the Niagara Creek; I decided on the culvert and managed to stay dry and safe.

I liked this large moss covered rock just downstream from the waterfall.

Along the way to the waterfall, the skunk cabbage were plentiful in the low lying areas.

On the way back to Victoria, I stopped at the Prospector Trail junction and took a few photos of the Goldstream River.

The next day with overcast conditions, I decided to explore the southwest corner of the park following the Upper Goldstream Trail along the Goldstream River to the Goldstream Falls.

The surrounding rainforest was heavily covered in moss and the vantage point from the trail was downward towards the river.

The Goldstream Falls is nestled in a bowl with surrounding rock and ferns.

This moss covered western red cedar almost appears alive with the tangle of branches.

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