Good Friday In The Hood

Chris Wright Photo Trips

With the clearing weather conditions near noon as forecasted on Good Friday, it was time to explore the area where I live in south Burnaby. At this time of year, the area is so green and lush. It was a beautiful afternoon wandering around the neighbourhood capturing an ecliptic set of photos.

The tulips were in bloom in the small City in the Park gardens and even though I prefer flowers in overcast conditions, I do like this composition.

Here are a few photos of the gardens and the surrounding residential towers.

One of the interesting things with the gardens is the combination of open areas as seen above and more sheltered areas such as this pathway lined with trees.

The Edmonds Skytrain station is nearby as is the BC Hydro Edmonds Campus tower and midrise buildings. I have mentioned before how much I like photographing buildings and I spent part of the outing capturing them and the clouds.

I liked the curving pathway with the shadows and thought it would make an interesting black and white composition.

One of the subjects I like to photograph is the mixture of natural and artificial, such as this pair of green leafed trees and the grey brick wall.

Crossing over the Skytrain line are these painted wooden fish, created by students at the nearby elementary school.

Looking through that chain link fence, the Expo line tracks curve southwards. I am not sure how effective the photograph is with the blurred fence lines, but I wanted to try a different composition.

Uphill from the trenched line is the original railway bed and I wandered along it looking for something interesting to photography. I soon spotted this crabapple tree in bloom.

The clouds were photogenic and I found a few more compositions to showcase those.

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  1. Chris, your eye catches so many interesting compositions that it’s hard to know what I like most! An interesting stroll!

  2. I recognize this neighborhood!
    I like the photos with lots of shadow balancing the sunlit areas.
    Favourite Hydro bldg. photo is the 3rd one. Wonder how it would look as a B&W but it’s ‘cool’ (LOL) with the colours.
    The blurred wire & blurred train appropriately suggest restriction & danger.
    Some good control with depth of field in the macros of blossoms.

    1. Post

      Hi Lynn, I’ll have to try that building shot as a B/W. I appreciate the comments on the blurred fence photo, I’m a bit undecided on the effectiveness of that shot, but experimenting is always a good thing.

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