Heather Trail to First Brother Mountain

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In late July a friend and I hiked the alpine trail to First Brother Mountain in EC Manning Provincial Park.

The road from the resort leaves Highway 3 and climbs steeply upward towards the parking lot for the Heather Trail. Along the way is a viewpoint looking southwards across the highway to an impressive chain of mountains.

Sheep Mountain and Mount Winthrop in the North Cascades.

Mount Frosty.

As we broke out of the trees into the subalpine, I looked back down the trail and spotted Hozomeen Mountain rising some eight thousand feet in the north cascades in Washington State.

The subalpine was carpeted in beautiful shades of red, purple/blue, and white.

Arctic lupine (purple), common paintbrush (red), golden aster (yellow), eriogonum subalpinum (white).

After spending some time photographing the wildflowers, we continued on to First Brother Mountain. At this point, we had a clear view of the peak (left side).

As we climbed higher towards the peak, common red paintbrush covered the ground in an intense shade of red.

The peak itself is at the end of a longer ridge and in this photograph, we are close to the final ascent.

Once on top of First Brother Mountain, the view was impressive of the surrounding mountains and hills, and the plate like clouds.

Looking back at the first portion of the ridge that we hiked on the way here.

Just below and at the summit, there were lots of penstemon flowers eking out an existence on the rocky barren ground.

There were also several clumps of lanced-leaved stonecrop.

Another flower I found only at the summit was spotted saxifrage.

Returning from the peak, we spent some more time in the subalpine area photographing the wildflowers.

Arctic lupine (purple), golden aster (yellow), and aster (pale blue).

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      Thanks Jill, yes the flowers were really spectactular. Hopefully Terry posts some of his on FB.

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      It is a beautiful area, and we were fortunate with the timing. The flowers were outstanding being at their prime! Thanks Chris. I was very pleased with my ability to capture the compositions well given that we also wanted to get the peak done.

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