Here and There in South Burnaby and Port Royal

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Here and there indeed as I rambled through various sites in south Burnaby and Port Royal last weekend.

In search of fall colours, I took a walk through Burnaby’s Central Park on Saturday. While the vine maple there was mostly green, there were several patches that had turned orange to red.

On Sunday, I walked through Byrne Creek Ravine Park in south Burnaby. Between the creek and the City in the Park residential towers is the site of an old farm, with this massive retaining wall and non-native tree remaining. I liked the sense of form with the strong vertical coniferous trees, strong horizontal wall, and the sinuous deciduous tree branches.

Walking further into the park, the trail descends down to Byrne Creek. It was then that I noticed this curved tree arcing through the backlit vine maples beside Byrne Creek.

Some fall colours were visible along the lower trail beside the creek.

Here is another composition with an interesting study of form, the curved vine maple branches arcing through the fall colours and the strong vertical cedar tree.

A short drive away in New Westminster is the community of Port Royal located on the eastern end of Lulu Island with the Fraser River splitting around the island. The stormy weather is clearly visible in this northeastern view of the New Westminster Quay and the Skybridge.

Walking along the river trail, I spotted this interesting composition of grass where the heads are interweaved with the lower stalks.

With the storm clouds lifting and the lighting increasing, I noticed the subtle reflection of the coloured condo building in the Fraser River. I find there is a sense of motion in the photo.

The last photo shoot on Sunday was at the City in the Park in south Burnaby near sunset.

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