Here and There in the West Fraser Valley

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Over the last few weeks I have explored various areas in the western Fraser Valley . This is really the first year that I have spent any time poking around here and I must say there are some interesting areas and vantage points.

Devon Falls is tucked behind residential housing on the south-west side of Sumas Mountain. The conditions were perfect with overcast and early morning light.

We climbed up the nearby McKee Peak and were rewarded with spectacular southward views overlooking the tulips fields and the Fraser Valley.

Almost directly north is the Matsqui Regional Trail that follows the Fraser River on the south side.

The CP Rail bridge crosses the wide Fraser River, with one swing section for marine traffic.

The spring leaf out was so very vibrant combined with the blue sky.

I spotted this composition and thought the tree with the lone cloud centred above would be an interesting study.

The Highway 11 bridge makes for some interesting compositions with the strong red linear shape set against the blue sky.

Cultus Lake is the type of place that I avoid during the busier times of the year, but in the early spring it is so quiet.

We hiked the nearby Seven Sister Trail to Teapot Hill and took advantage of the shade and later cloudy conditions to photograph the flowers and understory.

Red Elderberry growing alongside a western red cedar.

One of the remaining old growth Douglas-fir trees towering over the forest. Standing under a tree that is over 600 years old is certainly impressive!

The moss draped forest was quiet and well lit on this early morning outing.

Western Trillium.

Dull Oregon-grape flowering is neat to see given the short duration it flowers.

I was very pleased to capture a sharp photo of the fern frond opening given the breezy conditions.

Of course, being Teapot Hill, one would expect teapots to be decorating the forest and we were not disappointed. In fact, it was difficult to not become obsessive trying to photographing all of them!

The hazy conditions did not make the view very spectacular but I wanted to include the view for completeness sake.

We hike up a local trail called Abby Grind that is very steep, ascending 500 metres in about 2.5 kilometers. The conditions were a bit hazy for the south looking view, but the understory was photogenic.

Field Chickweed.

On the way down, I spotted this backlit red alder forest with the vibrant new growth.

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  1. Thank you, Chris!
    Lots of positive images. My favourite, I think, is the backlit alder forest. Such a dreamy scene!

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