Kapalua Part II

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Continuing on from the previous article on my Spring Break trip to Kapalua on the island of Maui, here is the second half of this dual post.

The early morning light looking over Namalu Bay towards the island of Molokai was lovely with soft pink and orange tones.

This was a brief photo shoot because I wanted to head up to the “jungle” at Honolua Bay. This impressive section of forest has large Banyan trees that is a sight to see.

It was a beautiful walk through the forest, made all the more interesting by the numerous wild chickens running around!

Later that day, I headed over to Slaughterhouse Beach, accessed from the highway down an extensive set of steps.

The beach had fine sand and more exposed dark rocks, all with a view towards the island of Molokai.

There was more lava tubes here and I found this interesting composition showing the different textures and colours.

As I noted in the first article, there were lots of flowers to be photographed and here are two more of my favourites.

On my last day in Maui, I headed out early for the first light of the day. The rocky headland between Kapalua Bay and Namalu Bay with beach naupaka and the island of Molokai.

With the sun partially risen, the beautiful landform of Molokai is visible.

The adjacent Montage Kapalua Bay resort has well manicured grounds including palm trees and flowering trees.

Punalau Beach was the final location before it was time to head to the airport. It is a beautiful beach, with a certain wildness to it.

Lipoa Ridge is located at the western end of the beach and rises sharply.

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  1. Wild chickens?!!! Slaughterhouse Beach?
    Impressive finale to all your photography, Chris. I especially liked the naupaka photo with Molokai in the background. Its muted colours & integrity (tones matching tones in all sections of the photo) look great in the early AM light.
    The ‘jungle’ reminds me of BC rainforests.
    The sandy beach scenes help make Hawaii look appealing as a getaway destination.

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