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This past Saturday I headed off for Keats Island to explore the southwest section for interesting photographic possibilities. The journey started at Horseshoe Bay, walking on the ferry that travels to Langdale on the Sunshine Coast. From there, a short water taxi took me to Keats Landing.

The island itself is in the southern end of Howe Sound and is about 6km2
with 80 residents. There are two camps on the island and their private dock was in shadow in the morning.

My first destination was Salmon Rock, a short couple of kilometres southwards through a beautiful coastal forest. This rocky headland and gravel beach on the south and west side had perfect early day lighting.

I liked the patterns in this rock wall with the Douglas-fir growing on top of the rocky headland.

With the falling tide, more patterns and colour were revealed in the rock walls with the kelp covered rock in front.

I like the symmetry in this composition with the Douglas-fir anchoring in the centre, the two rock outcrops flanking on either side, and the logs distributed along the bottom.

I headed back up the trail and stopped off at Sandy Beach, located on the west side. The beach had many interesting compositions and I spent considerable time here.

I was impressed with this simple composition of the bleached course textured log and the speckled sand.

The bleached root ball had such interesting pattern in the growth rings.

I recomposed to show the details on the area shown above.

The beach also had interesting black rounded rocks that I spent some time creating compositions.

The purple mauve colour of this partial shell set against the black rock was a must capture.

Salal is a coastal shrub that grows near the shoreline and one that is very photogenic. When I spotted this scene, I was impressed with how the salal had taken advantage of the split areas in the rock wall that contains some soil.

The last water taxi of the day from Keats leaves at 6:05pm so in the mid-afternoon I decided it was time to start heading back. I wanted to check out another trail I had seen on the way into Salmon Rock and Sandy Beach. The trail heads to the east side of the southern spit, to an area called Admiral’s Bluff. The views southwards (this photo) and eastward (next photo) across Howe Sound were very impressive.

Eastward view towards Preston Island (left), Bowen Island (right), and West Vancouver at the back.

After a leisurely visit to Admirals Bluff, I walked back to Keats Landing with over an hour to photograph the harbour.

The view up the government dock towards the cottages and the Baptist Church camp.

I spotted this tumbledown shed on the dock with the haphazard shingles.

I spent most of that hour working on creating expressionism style photos that will be the subject of my next post. For now, have a look at this interpretation of that shingled wall shown above.

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  1. Thanks, Chris. Looks like a good suggestion for a day-trip.
    I’ll look fwd to seeing your impressionistic pix!

  2. Chris your photography is a travel journey, your mastery of composition is a pleasure to the eye.

    1. Post

      Thanks Linda, I appreciate the kind words. Keep up the good work you’re doing and if you post them somewhere, I’d be interested in seeing them.

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