What Lies At The End Of The Road

CK Wright Photo Trips

You’re not expecting an existential discussion are you?  What lies at the end of Rannie Road is the Pitt Lake and of course photographic opportunities.  It was a beautiful Friday evening with clouds, sun, and the tang of salt and exposed mud.  Pitt Lake is one of the few tidal influenced lakes in the world and is surrounded by steeply sided mountains.

Parking at the end of the road at the south end of Pitt Lake and the start of the Pitt River, there is easy walking access to the lake along the dyke road.  There is also a viewing platform with clear unobstructed views of the lake and surrounding areas.

Along the shoreline was this grass/sedge with an interesting weaved pattern.  I liked the contrast between the dried and green stems and the heavy matted root base.

Nearby was this vibrant patch of moss growing on a granite boulder. It’s an interesting study in texture and tone between the moss, rock, and wood.

As I walked along the dyke, the lighting on the surrounding terrain and lakes would change as the clouds moved around.  I felt this next composition was an interesting study in pattern and shape with the illuminated area matching the darker forested hill and reflection.

Just before sunset the clouds started showing some colour which reflected beautifully in the mirror flat lake.

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