Lynn Creek and Rice Lake

Chris Wright Photo Trips

The Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) is one of the first areas that I photographed when I started pursuing photography back in the early 90s. Close to the parking lot is the beautiful and photogenic Rice Lake. This lake was actually used as a water storage reservoir in the early days of Metro Vancouver’s water system. One of the best times of the day to photograph it, is in the late afternoon, particular with some clouds to the north. Under these conditions the lake positively glows a strong vibrant green with dark and moody clouds behind. Today I decided to photograph Rice Lake at the end of my photo shoot in the hopes that those conditions would occur. I arrived at the lake around 5pm and the lake was glowing neon green with some nice layered clouds behind! I captured some really good shots of the lake and of the surrounding forest in the soft late day lighting. Adjacent to the LSCR is the Lynn Canyon Park where the Lynn Creek flows through canyons and large boulders. I started off the photo shoot today at the Lynn Creek before heading to Rice Lake. I am not sure I have ever photographed this section of the Lynn Creek and even though it was a bit overrun with others, there were some excellent creek and forest shots. The trail from the Rice Lake parking lot descends gradually down to the top of the canyon and then along the forest above before arriving at a massive set of stairs. I don’t have a photo of the stairs, but it is a massive structure descending down the canyon wall to the creek edge. It was certainly a work out climbing back up! I shot some interesting canyon, creek, and forest scenes and captured several video clips of the creek. The weather was sunny with some clouds, which was good as I find that diffused lighting works best when photographing the creek and forest.


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