Mount Strachan

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Located in Cypress Provincial Park, Mount Strachan has two peaks (south and north) that offers spectacular views of Howe Sound, the surrounding mountains, and the sunshine coast. We started the hike at the ski hill parking lot and climbed up the Collins run before joining the trail further up. The fall colours were certainly abundant as we climbed to the south and north peaks of Mount Strachan. In particular, the mountain ash and blueberry bushes had shades from yellow to orange and red.

Arriving at the south peak, the clouds were swirling around and below us as we looked down at Howe Sound.

We spent some time enjoying the view before climbing down from the south peak and back up to the north peak. Here is a view from the south peak looking across at the north peak.

At the north peak, we had more areas of fall colours and views of Howe Sound as we enjoyed a well deserved lunch.

The clouds parted on the eastern view briefly and I framed these firs with the peaks behind.

On the return portion of the trip, we had a relatively clear view through the clouds of St Marks Summit and Howe Sound.

Here are a few more mountain ash in full colour that I photographed on the way back to the parking lot.

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