Nelson Creek Canyon

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Perhaps you have noticed that I “bounce” between architectural/industrial photography and natural landscape photography? It seems this summer that I have been more interested in the former, but on Saturday it was time to return to the latter. With overcast conditions, it was a perfect opportunity to photograph a portion of the Nelson Creek Canyon in West Vancouver.

The large rectangular boulders are set against the cross pattern of the logs. It is a neat composition showing the various materials that end up in coastal mountain streams.

I was intrigued with the two rectangular boulders seen in the lower section of that photos as rounded boulders seem more common in rivers. In this study, I set them off against the scored boulder and the red boulder.

I liked the inverted ‘Y’ shape of this log and how it is balanced by the foreground boulders.

I thought the juxtaposition of the straight edged cedar log against the rounded boulder with the water cascade would make an interesting study in form, texture, and tone.

A large section from a Douglas-fir tree has formed a small cascade creating an interesting composition of shape, tone, and texture.

I was quite taken with the massing and organic grip on the creek substrate that this old growth western red cedar has.

The triangle shaped boulder mimics the shape at the base of the short cascade.

This small scale composition contains the various elements one would find in this creek; bedrock, boulders, gravel, moss, woody material, and a plant.

After several hours with my head down and with the dispersing clouds, I looked skyward and noticed this Douglas-fir towering over the canyon wall.

Above the canyon was another large old growth Douglas-fir and for scale I used the two mature western hemlocks (left side).

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