Noons Creek and Forest with Snow

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Metro Vancouver has had no shortage of snow over the past few weeks and after the latest snowfall on Sunday, I wanted to capture some of those winter scenes.  I headed over to the northwest corner of Coquitlam and snowshoed up into the forest surrounding Noons Creek. There was a decent amount of snow and with it being wet, it was clinging to the alder tree trunks creating some interesting forest shots.

I had originally intended to capture some of the ice formations in Noons Creek, but the melting snow created a somewhat hazardous situation in the forest.  With the heavy wet snow in the upper branches and the warming temperatures, there were lots of heavy snow bombs falling down, one of which I had to dodge!  I was able to capture a few interesting shots of the creek before my retreat deciding that the ice formation close-ups were not worth the risk.

While looking for compositions on the open utility corridor (safe from falling snow bombs), I spotted this interesting twig and leaf poking up out of the snow. I liked the double curve that the two twigs formed along with the texture on the dried leaves. The next photo is a classic coastal winter photo with the salal and hemlock branches surrounded by wet snow.

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      Thanks Lynn, I appreciate your comment. Yes, I like how the mist renders the background into abstraction; like a painting. The mist rolled into the area at the last part of the day.

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