North Vancouver Waterfront at Night

Chris Wright Photo Trips

North Vancouver has some great areas for night photography including offering views of downtown Vancouver across Burrard Inlet and the public spaces at the Shipbuilders Square.  I started off in the late afternoon with a visit to an area that was new to me.  I have previously photographed the downtown from the Shipbuilders Square, but on this trip I wanted to locate a different angle and one with some ships in the foreground.  Kings Mill Walk Park, west of Shipbuilders Square, is located almost directly across Burrard Inlet from the downtown and thus offers a closer view.  I arrived about an hour before sunset and wandered around to find the best views through the few moored barges. It was interesting to observe the daylight slowly fade while the various office tower lights slowly appeared.  There was no colour present in the clouds as the sun set but I still liked the various shades of grey/blues.  After observing and taking various photographs of the downtown starting at dusk and continuing through to total darkness, I think I actually prefer the city lights taken at dusk.  At that stage, the water, sky, barges, and ships are still visible which adds interest and variety to the photograph.

With the sun setting at 4:15pm, I finished taking the photographs near dinner time and headed off for a quick bite at a local Donair shop.  Fueled up and ready for the next part of the night shoot, I headed 10 minutes east to Shipbuilders Square.  This area has been under redevelopment for a number of years transitioning from shipbuilding to condos, restaurants, and public spaces.  The transformation is nearing completion, at least the section between Lonsdale Quay market and the eastern completed area.  This park has many attractions to photograph including one of the original shipbuilding cranes (photographed below), piers and walking paths, illuminated benches, public art, and various lighted features.

In addition, there are great views of the downtown, local shipbuilding work yards, and Grouse Mountain with its night lights reflecting off the snow.  It truly is an amazing place and once the new metal clad Presentation House Gallery and associated pier and walkway are completed in late 2017, there will be additional areas to photograph.  That building is partially completed located in the next photo, below the night lights of Grouse Mountain.  The other photo below of the tug boat was a lucky find as it was only there for about 10 minutes waiting for a crew member to board.

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