Olympic Village and False Creek Night Views

CK Wright Photo Trips

Located along the south shore of False Creek near the eastern end, Olympic Village provides numerous photographic opportunities within and adjacent to the village.

In the heart of the village, is the Olympic Village Square with a set of changing coloured lights.

While photographing the square, two people on powered stand-up scooters with tail lights wheeled through the scene, creating the distinct red trail. I think I should have hired them for other photos!

Across False Creek from the village is BC Place, beautifully illuminated with multi-colour lights.

Those lights on BC Place didn’t last long, turning off at 11pm. Still, I was pleased with the following composition without the lights. This is interesting with the roof masts on the stadium being repeated in the sailing boat mast.

At the eastern end of False Creek is the Science World, an amazing sight to see at night time. The shape and changing coloured lights reflecting in False Creek is just pure magic!

Wandering around the Science World, were numerous opportunities for interesting compositions all with this red panel cladding.

Yes, even a garbage container can be a beautiful object to photograph!

After exploring Science World, I headed back towards the village to capture more night scenes. Downtown Vancouver has such a close relationship to the waters that surround it, so it’s great to have water craft in these photos. In this next one, the silhouettes of the rowing shells are visible in their sheds, along with the sailing boat.

It was a fun and productive night outing, lasting until just after 1am. There was time for one more photo before returning home for some sleep.

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